[How to get a Ticket]

The main [J88PT Shanghai Satellite] runs every Sunday at 20:45 (CST). You can enter it by paying ₵11,000 buy-in. If you win the satellite, you will get not only the Main Event ticket, but also a free hotel room for the event period. 


[How to check the ticket ]

After winning the ‘J88PT Shanghai Main Event Ticket (CNY 3,000)’, you should immediately check whether you have it or not.

Tournament Tickets can be found in

J88poker PC: Account > Tournament Tickets

J88poker Mobile: Menu > Account > Tournament Tickets

If you did not receive the ticket, you should immediately send an email to support@j88poker.com.


[How to get a hotel room]

After you received the ticket you need to contact support@j88poker.com, and we will help you to get a free hotel room.


[How to participate in the Main Event of J88PT Shanghai]       

On the day of the Main Event, you should log in to the J88poker client with your mobile phone or computer, and show the ‘J88PT Shanghai Main Event Ticket (CNY 3,000)’ to the J88Poker staff.

If you are unable to use your mobile phone, you can log in using J88Poker official computer at the WanTi International Poker Association.

After the confirmation, you will play in the Main Event of J88PT.


※ Please pay attention

The online tickets for J88PT Main Event can be used only on the Day 1A. If you cannot play on the Day 1A for a valid reason, please contact us beforehand, so we could solve the issue.

If you have several tickets, you can use all of them. After you register the ticket will immediately expire.