♠♣Cunober who from China got the Biggest Sunday Event luckily ♥♦

Last Sunday Ultra Red tournament got boosted as 159 people participated. The Guarantee went up to ₵1,272,000! However, the final table turned out to be a little bit less exciting comparing to the previous one. All the players at the final table were tight, even those who had short stacks, so the situation was not changing much for quite a while. The action started when Carmial opened with A♣A♠ from the middle position, button happykim called with T♥T♣. Flop T♦4♥6♣ gave a great lead to happykim. Both players checked, turn K♣, and then Carmial pushed all in, happykim snap called.


River 4♣ couldn’t help Carmial and so he had to leave the table. As low-stack players were dropping out of the tournament and the atmosphere was getting more and more loose. Cunober went all in with 9♥9♦ from the Button, Big Blind houyuozora called with A♣K♥. Nothing arrived for houyuozora, so the pot went to Cunober.


After that, Small Blind Cunober pushed all in once again, this time with J♠4♦, Big Blind happykim snap called with K♠A♣, but what a lucky board for Cunober 7♠9♠4♣J♦6♦! He got two pairs and doubled his stack. Later on, the battle between the two players continued, happykim pushed all in with K♦T♦ from the UTG, this time Cunober Big Blind had a nice hand K♠K♦, that happykim didn’t manage to beat, so Cunober got one more win.

The atmosphere stayed tensed as the heads-up between Cunober and Everton started. It was hard for Everton to resist Cunober’s aggressive style.


His stack was fading away and then he lost the final all in with Q♥6♥ against Conuber’s 7♦7♣.

Cunober got the Champion title of the biggest Sunday tournament and collected ₵ 330,720.