♠♣Japan is taking the lead! Cmc205839 – Ultra Red Champion♥♦

Traditionally, J88Poker held the biggest tournament of the week – Ultra Red ₵1,200,000 GTD on Sunday. When the final table started all 9 players had similar stacks that made the game really interesting.

The first 10 minutes were unexpectedly calm, and then suddenly players started re-raising and dropping out. Short-stack player Specidccs pushed all-in with K♣T♦, cmc205839 re-raised from the button with A♦6♠. 8♠A♥Q♦T♣4♦ dropped on the board and Specidccs had to leave the table.

Soon after, Dinamox pushed all-in from the UTG and once again cmc205839 called with A♦J♣ from the button monopolizing more and more chips. One more all in followed, this time from Suntzu called by the most aggressive player at the table – Pozz with A♣T♣, he lost to 5♣5♠ of Suntzu.

Left with a short stack Pozz made his final all in with Q♥J♦, however Suntzu’s A♦A♥ faded away his chances to win, and he was eliminated at the 5th place. 4 players left, short stack players had to flip a coin.

Kinngchiman pushed the rest of his chips all in with 8♣7♣, SB XLUOEV called with Q♥J♥, turn Q♠ decided the result, one more player had to leave the table. Suntzu had a really nice run, but he also dropped out soon. Board 4♣2♠2♣K♦2♥, Suntzu didn’t expect XLUOEV to have four of 2s, even though his opponent limped, and so Suntzu called with his full house of 2s and Ks, marking the start of the heads-up Final two cmc205839 vs.


XLUOEV! Both players had very tight styles that made the final battle extremely long. No concessions were made, XLUOEV pushed all-in with 6♦5♦, but he was called by A♠5♣ and A♣ on the flop finished the game.


Cmc205839 from Japan became the owner of the Ultra Red title and collected ₵334,880.