♠♣ Korean player urinunhanda takes the Champion title ♥♦

Red Ultra ₵1,200,000 news time! In general, Sunday tournament’s participants were very tight and unfortunately, there were no players who would stand out, so the game wasn’t as exciting as in the previous event. Everyone was determined to advance to the final table, so the bubble period lasts quite a while. Short-stack players that managed to hang by a single thread until they entered the final table started pushing all-in and dropping out one by one.


Among them was Tengimman, he went all-in and was called by averester1, but then Big Blind urinunhanda pushed all-in, trying to get rid of averester1 by laying a challenge at his opponent’s feet.

After much thought, averester1 chose to fold. Tengimman’s A♦9♣ couldn’t stand up to urinunhanda’s A♥K♣ and had to leave the table. The other short-stack players followed Tengimman until there were 3 people left – neerzham, urinunhanda and averester1. All three players were very tight and kept even position for a while, however neerzham started falling behind. He flipped a coin with Q♠2♠, both players called. However, neither of them were happy with the board 7♣5♠K♦2♥T♥ as they kept on checking until the end. A pair of 2s didn’t save neerzham, the pot went to averest1 with A♣T♦, who got a pair of 10s on the river.

Heads-up began keeping the tight game atmosphere at the table until the final all-in urinunhanda A♦K♣ vs. averester1 K♦Q♥, AK won the final hand crowning urinunhanda as the new Ultra Red Champion, who also got ₵312,000 as winnings. Congratulations~~