♠♣ Korean player urinunhanda takes the Champion title ♥♦

This time Ultra Red ₵1,200,000 GTD went very fast. Usually, in this kind of tournament players are trying to be tight, taking their time to think, however this one seemed more like a short-stack tournament. The action started from the very first hand. UTG Korto opened with J♦T♣, 4V2QBTE54AE and g742k called, making a rather big pot. Flop 6♣A♣2♦, Korto checked, suddenly 4V2QBTE54AE pushed all-in with the rest of his stack and got a call from both of the players. Turn 5♦, river T♦. 4V2QBTE54AE showed A♦2♥ and won the pot with 2 pairs. Big-stack aggressive player 4V2QBTE54AE was mainly focused on playing heads-up against shany. Shany 3-bet on pre-flop with A♦K♠, 4V2QBTE54AE called with A♠Q♠. Flop J♣K♣J♦ bet a bit, 4V2QBTE54AE called. Turn J♦… shany barreled, 4V2QBTE54AE calls again. 3♠ dropped on the river, shany fired the third barrel, but 4V2QBTE54AE kept on calling until the end, so shany got a nice pot.

Shortly after 4V2QBTE54AE was eliminated and the final heads-up between shany and Korto started. Korto opened with A♦J♣, shany called with 7♣4♠. Flop 4♥6♣9♠ gave shany a nice advantage. Korto bet, shany cold called.. Turn 3♦… Korto fired the second barrel, but shany re-raised him pushing all-in. After long thinking Korto decided to call with A high and that’s how he lost a huge pot. Korto ran out of chips and was eliminated, while shany show a nice play and got the 1st prize – ₵312,000. Congratulations!!