♠♣ Korean player urinunhanda takes the Champion title ♥♦

Last Sunday 158 players took part in the Ultra Red tournament that boosted the prize pool over the guarantee. The tournament went at a brisk pace, almost right after the final table started, a huge three-way pot was played out. Suntzu opened from UTG, DDeng424 re-raised, KBpoker91 called, forming a big pot. Suntzu also called pushing the remaining of his stack all-in, DDeng424 called. Board 9♠6♣J♦T♦9♥, DDeng424 won easily won the pot with K♥K♦ against Suntzu’s K♠T♣ and KBpoker91’s A♦7♠. Next huge pot made by DDeng424 came after.


Player Follow opened from UTG, DDeng424 called with A♦3♦ from the button. Flop 2♠T♦3♣, Follow continued to bet and DDeng424 called. Q♦ – nice Turn for DDeng424. Follow pushed all-in, DDeng424 called right away.

Follow was just bluffing with A♥J♥ and DDeng424 once again got a big pot. That win help DDeng424 take a lead at the table.


The final heads-up was played against BGRKSM. BGRKSM opened with 7♥7♣, DDeng424 called with A♠J♠.

Flop J♥5♥A♦ and a big advantage for Ddeng424. BGRKM tried to bluff, but there was no way for DDeng424 to give it up. 6♥ on the Turn gave BGRKM a flush draw, so he decided to continue bluffing, but he got an all-in re-raise from DDeng424.


BGRKM decided to call, but what a bad luck – the only bad ♥ card for BGRKM fell on the river – A♥ that gave DDeng424 the full house killing BGRKM’s flush.

After that hand it wasn’t difficult for DDeng424 to get the 1st place. That is how DDeng424 earned ₵328,640 crystals in one evening. Congratulations to the Champion!