♠♣Japanese player collects ₵690,000 as the Main Event Champion♥♦

This Sunday J88Poker held a special tournament – Burning Red Monster with the highest guarantee of the month ₵3,000,000. 331 players participated among them J88Poker CEO Luis and team pros Lim Yohwan, Hong Jinho and Ang Lin. However, out of them only Luis advanced to the final table.

Shortly after the final table started, nineeres opened with A♦Q♥ from the button, SM entyaos called with A♠T♠. The flop T♥3♦4♣ gave a nice advantage to entyaos, nineeres made a probing cbet, but entyaos called easily. Turn 8♦ didn’t change anything, entyaos just checked. Nineeres pushed all-in, entyaos made a cold call and took the pot. Few hands later nineeres pushed all-in his short stack, Button Luis and BB ininari2758 called forming a 3-way pot.


The flop 8♥9♠6♦ – everyone checked. Turn Q♠. Ininai2758 donk bet, Luis pushed all-in. Ininari2758 with J♣J♥ took his time to think and then called, Luis was leading with Q♥T♣, but what a bad beat – 8♠ fell on river and so he was eliminated at 8th place. Later on, Luofan, who proved to be a tight player, pushed all-in with A♠4♦ from UTG, entyaos 7♦7♣ and Zairrosse 4♠4♥ called forming a huge pot. Board 8♠2♦J♣7♥T♠ granted it to entryaos. Entyaos’ good run didn’t end here!


When there were 4 players left, duskisarito and cleanlife went all-in on the pre-flop, he called them with 4♥4♦ and got another big pot, so he started the heads-up against ininari2758 with the overwhelming stack. Style of the players suddenly changed to a very tight one.

Ininari2758 tried to put more pressure on entyaos and finally he managed to turn the game around. Eventually, Enyaos was forced to go all-in with 8♠9♠, ininari2758 called with Q♦J♠. And with J♣ on the flop, Ininari2758 collected ₵690,000 and became the champion of the Burning red Monster, the biggest tournament of the month.