♠♣Japan takes the title once again♥♦

Last Sunday Ultra Red ₵1,200,000 GTD tournament took a speedy pace.

The final table started with all the players on equal terms, but shortly after the balance was broken and short-stack players started dropping out one by one.

The last short-stack player, fair9 went all-in with 7♠6♠, ctpxpayk called with K♠A♦. The board 3♣J♦5♣9♠Q♦ didn’t bring anything for either player, so A high won and fair9 was eliminated.

A bit later ctpxpayk opened from the button, big blind maui re-raised, ctpxpayk pushed all-in and got a snap call.
Ctpxpayk 5♠5♣ vs maui 9♦9♥. Maui won and the stacks turned around.
Later on they played against each other once again and ctpxpayk was eliminated at the 3rd place.
Heads-up between maui and AKIYAMA was rather tensed. Even though maui was at a disadvantage he tried his best playing aggressively.
AKIYAMA pushed all-in with A♥K♣, maui called with J♥T♥. The board 5♥9♣3♠Q♦9♦ had no match with hole cards, so AKIYAMA won with A high and became the Champion of the weekly biggest tournament.