♠♣China takes the lead♥♦

Lots of strong players joined Ultra Red ₵1,200,000 GTD last Sunday, including J88poker CEO, who was also streaming the tournament, so if you are interested you can check the video our J88Poker YouTube channel.

The fun at the final table began when Berlin opened with 4♣4♦ from the button, cowpop3 re-raised with T♠5♥.

Berlin snap called without a doubt, but T♥ on the flop decided the winner – cowpop3.

A bit later, low on chips Berlin went all-in once again with 2♠2♣, khemaqu A♥J♠ called and pocket pair didn’t save Berlin from elimination.

Short-stack players were naturally dropping out one by one. Already four players were left at the table khemaqu, STROK, beniookaed and Tate.

Small Blind beniookaed pushed all-in with K♠6♠, a big stack player Tate called with A♥6♥, nothing on the board, A high won and beniookaed had to leave the table.

Soon STROK also lost an all-in and heads-up Tate vs khemaqu started.

Tate had a nice advantage as his stack was twice higher and it was well-combined with his aggressive style. However, the game was not over as khemaqu managed to win an all-in, making the game even.

Tate limped with 6♣3♠, khemaqu re-raised with T♠T♥, Tate called.

Flop 5♠5♦8♦, khemaqu was leading, he checked inducing his opponent to bluff.

Tate, sticking to his aggressive, bet, khemaqu called. Turn A♦, khemaqu checked as the card was rather unfavorable for him. Suspecting that Tate bet once again, continuing his bluff.

Difficult choice, but khemaqu decided to call. River 4♦ – not the best card for him either.

Without thinking Tate bets half of the pot, which was all the chips he had. Even though Khemaqu was pot committed, calling was not an easy decision to make.

Finally, he called and won the fight for the pot along with the Champion title and ₵341,120!