♠♣Korea and Japan meet in final of Ultra Red ₵1,200,000 GTD♥♦

This time there was no a clear leader in the tournament. The final started with all the players having equal amount of chips.

No loose players at the table, everyone was playing solid, making the game not that much fun to watch until finally the first big pot arrived!

UTG short-stack player Totnham388 went all-in with J♥J♣, the button kakarrueQQ called with A♣6♣, but unfortunately for him Big Blind Taguekpow2 with pocket K♦K♠ re-raised all-in. Taking his time kakarrueQQ decided to call.

The board showed 6♠7♥7♣8♣5♦ and Taguekpow2 got the pot.

Shortly after, the rest of the short-stack players were also eliminated.

Another bigger pot followed when there were 4 players left at the table.

Taguekpow2 opened with T♠T♥ from cut off, the player on the button Issue pushed all-in with pocket 8♦8♥, handsome22 called with A♦J♦.

Taguekpow2 didn’t pull back and with the help of T♦ on the flop won the pot.

2 players out, 2 left – heads-up between Taquekpow2 from Korea and kakarrueQQ from Japan started.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t much of excitement in the final as both of the players had a tight-passive style.

Waiting for good cards to play, kakarrueQQ’s stack was fading away, so once he got a nice hand the only option for him was to push all-in, which he did with pocket 8♦8♣.

Unluckily for him his opponent also got good cards and was ready to call.

8♦8♣ vs Q♣A♠

Board Q♦9♦6♥2♦3♠

And Taquekpow2 became the champion of the weekly biggest tournament and earned ₵312,000 as winnings.