♠♣User Mentro earns the title of weekly biggest tournament!♥♦

Wow! Now this Ultra Red was super fun! The final table saw mostly players with a similar style.

Right from the start short-stack players were falling out one by one, while the rest were getting more and more aggressive, adding some fun to the final.

A player from Hong Kong, Mentro opens from UTG with 8♠7♠, Xiasu88 and CO Jjinppanng calls.

Flop 9♦6♣8♣…

That’s a scary flop! Straight? Flush draw?

To bet or not to bet!

Check, check, but what’s that? Jjinppannng pushes all-in? Well, he doesn’t have that much chips, but is it a good time to bluff with A♣Q♠. It’s two against one, someone might be just fishing there!

Luckily, no one had it. Unluckily, Mentro with second pair dared to call!

Sorry jjinppannng! 😬 Turn and river didn’t do much…

Later on, Kenstake3599 pushed his short-stack all-in. Two players called greenfact and Xiasu88.

Flop Q♦3♠J♦

And it’s a straight draw for greenfact with A♣T♥ plus two more cards to go. Not bad, the only problem that he needs a middle card, but still he goes all-in!!

Xiasu88? Will you call with A♥J♠? It’s only second pair!

Not easy, not easy….

Wait! Yes, he calls!

Turn 9♣

River… another 9♥! And the pot goes to Xiasu88.

Few more players with lack of chips dropped out, leaving the final three at the table: Mentro, Xiasu88 and jjangjoenpAA.

Mentro opens and jjangjoenpAA calls.

Flop Q♣J♠7♦

Both players check.

Turn K♣ and no action.

Worried about straight?

River A♦!!

Now, just need any T to complete the straight!

Here it goes! JjangjoenpAA bets, but Mentro raises 2.5x!

Who’s bluffing? OMG, jjangjoenpAA double-raises and Mentro calls!

And the pot…… splits! Both players had T 😅

Well, actually each of them had a pair on the flop QQ and JJ. Wonder how would it go if they didn’t wait until River 🤔

Suddenly, the game speeded up!

Mentro won all-in against Xiasu88, heads-up started, but it lasted for only 5 hands as Mentro had monopolized most of the chips and was aggressively pushing his opponent out!

Mentro A♦Q♦ VS jjangjoenpAA A♥7♥

Board 8♣9♠3♦A♣4♥

The Kicker decides!

Mentro is now the Champion of the weekly biggest tournament – Ultra Red ₵1,200,000!

By the way! Did you know that this Sunday, March 29th, the guarantee will be increased?

Yes, ₵3,000,000 GTD instead of ₵1,200,000 with the same buy-in ₵8,800, cause it’s Burning Sunday!

See you there~~