♠♣DarioLiqajs from Taiwan becomes the Champion of Burning Red Monster ₵3,000,000 GTD♥♦

A special tournament took place last Sunday at J88Poker – Burning Red Monster ₵3,000,000 GTD, buy-in ₵8,800. This event is held only once a month on the last Sunday.

The tournament attracted many players from different countries and it took over 6 hours to decide the Champion, mostly because many participants preferred a solid passive style.

As soon as the final table started short-stack players trying to double up began pushing all-in, once they got good cards. The table even saw K♠K♣ and A♠A♣ meet in their eternal fight. Poor KK lost again and Nororinan holding AA got the pot.

His luck didn’t end here.

Heartbeat opens from the UTG, the button tressfum calls, BB nororinan 3-bets with pocket J♦J♠, Heartbeat decides to see the flop, but tressfum folds.

Two players in the pot. Flop 5♣8♦6♠… hard to bet with these cards, so nororinan checks. Heartbeat bets to test the ground and gets a call.

Turn 3♦… This time both players just check.

K♠ arrives on the river.

Luckily for nororinan, his opponent didn’t continue betting to bluff him out, so despite of nororinan’s passive play, he got the pot.

The game continued in a rather slow, boring motion… until suddenly huge all-in arrived LOCK A♦K♠ vs tressfum A♠Q♣. That dramatically increased LOCK’s stack making him one of the leaders at the table.

But unfortunately, he couldn’t keep it up.

When there were four players left LOCK went all-in from UTG with K♦T♠, nororinan called with K♦J♣ and got back his chip leader status.

However, nororinan’s good run came to an end, once he started heads-up against DarioLiqajs.

His stack was gradually fading away and eventually, it got to the final hand.

Nororinan lost his last hand K♠J♣ against DarioLiqajs’s 3♥3♠, who kept playing solidly from the very beginning and until the end.

He got ₵690,000 as winnings for the 1st place of the monthly biggest event at J88Poker.

Congratulations to DarioLiqajs – the Champion of Burning Sunday!