♠♣Incredible run gets isurugamd Champion title!♥♦

From the very beginning of the final table isurugamd took the lead. Nikangnaekn pushed all-in with A♥7♥, isurugamd re-raised all-in. Flop A♦5♣6♣ was in nikangnaekn favor, but isurugamd holding J♣J♠ got super lucky as clubs arrived on turn and river.

Just a few hands later isurugamd got A♣A♦ together with another huge pot, as wonpunch pushed all-in.

With the overwhelming amount of chips on hands the game seemed to be too easy for isurugamd, while the rest of the players were struggling to keep their place at the table, but only LWOEJN managed to succeed getting to the heads-up.

However, the odds were still in isurugamd’s favor as the gap was too big from the very beginning. Even though LWOENJN handled it well playing solidly it was hard to resist isurugamd’s aggressive style that was well reinforced by the enormous chips he monopolized.

And then the inevitable followed. LWOEJN got 2♠2♣ and decided to go all-in.

Isurugamd snap called with K♥Q♥ getting a perfect boards of J♠T♠T♥5♠A♦ that gave him a straight together with the champion title.