♠♣ J♥ saves the day! Meet Ultra Red Champion! ♥♦

This time everyone seemed to be in a hurry, so the final table was reached unusually fast.

Right from the beginning, being lack of chips IQ188 pushed all-in from CO with J♣6♣, which was rather unfortunate timing for him as Brizzrea had with A♣A♥ and so IQ188 was the first to leave the table after 4♣T♠T♦8♠K♦ fell on the board.

Two hands later, HungrPanda went all-in with A♥J♦, ItsShowTime called with A♦Q♦ from the button.

Tough situation for HungrPanda, but…. J♥ arrived on the turn to save him!

Short-stack players were dropping out one by one until four people left.

And then another all-in fight followed Fixlol1 with K♦J♦ vs giftpoingt with A♠K♥ and once again J♥ on the turn saved the day!

J♥ made many people cry and laugh a lot at this final table…

Shortly after, another player was eliminated and the heads-up between fixlol1 and Brizzrea’s started.

Fixlol1, who was lucky to survive with J♥, pressured Brizrea with his solid play, and became the tournament’s champion when Brizzrea pushed all-in with T♥8♥ against fixlol1’s A♣K♠.

Fixlol1 must be very grateful to J♥ 😀