♠♣ Player Boss from UK take his second title!♥♦

♠♣ Player Boss from UK take his second title!♥♦ As always it’s time to tell you a final table story of the last biggest tournament of the week – Ultra Red ₵1,200,000. The final table started with the player Boss on the top of the ranking. The rest of the players dropped out really fast as Boss was on his crazy run eliminating players one by one.


Boss opened with Q♣9♠ from UTG, Shany and Taulain called. 8♣7♥6♣ dropped on the flop, so the players had to be careful. Taulain and Boss checked, Shany bet and Taulain fold. Boss called with a straight draw. Turn Q♥ and 2 pair for boss let him snap call Shany’s all-in. Shany had A♣J♠, so Boss’ stack on the hand and his stack got even deeper than before. His nickname suited him perfectly as he was dominating at the table with his aggressive style like a Boss! No one could rival with him. 3 players left.

Boss entered the pot with K♦K♣ calling on the pre-flop. Besides him there were two more players in the game mzumaga and noja188.


Flop 4♣K♠5♠, top set for Boss and a big problem for the other two players in the pot. How could they find the way out and take the lead… All the players decided just to check on the flop. Turn 4♦, Boss bet, only noja188 dared to call. River 7♠, is it a flush for noja188? Noja188 checked, Boss bet and his opponent pushed all-in. Of course, Boss snap called. Noja188 showed his flush with 6♠2♠, however Boss got the pot with the full house.


Heads-up between mzumaga and Boss was finished very fast as from the beginning Boss’ stack was already six times bigger than mzumaga’s. This is already his second title of Boss. The first one he won in November! This time it brought him ₵318,240 into his account!