♠♦J88Poker Team Pro, Chen An Lin wins Ultra Red ₵1,200,000♥♣

This time the Ultra Red Sunday event attracted a lot of attention, due to the amazing play of ChenAnLin, J88Poker Team Pro. Semi-final was the time when An Lin got going, he eliminated player by player and took his seat at the final table as the overwhelming chip leader. The beginning seemed rather calm until SB hareharear decided to push all-in with K♥9♥.


He was called by rvnuqojda with A♣5♣. Board Q♠3♣6♣T♠8♦ and rvnuqojda took the first big pot. As An Lin was leading by a lot, players were quite cautious, trying to keep away from him. 5 players left, Lukimuri7 pushed all-in, megare and Aamattgoo called making a big 3way pot. Board 2♠9♦T♥8♥Q♥, the pot went to Aamattgoo, who had 8♣8♠.

Few hands later, rvnuqojda was eliminated after losing with T♥T♠ to Aamatgoo’s K♠K♥. And that’s how the heads-up between Aamatgoo and ChenAnLin started. In the beginning Aamattgoo had chips twice as much as ChenAnLin. However, An Lin was full of determination, he started pressing Aamattagoo as he knew that his opponent was rather passive. So, little by little players’ stack became more even. Aamattgoo, being under constant pressure, ended-up all-in with 250,000 chips, An Lin snap-called. Aamattgoo had A♠T♣ against An Lin’s K♠Q♣. Flop 6♠K♦5♦, An Lin was leading with highest pair. Turn Q♠! Only J could save Aamattgoo!


And… what a dramatic turn – J♥ fell on the river and the game continued. However, Aamattgoo couldn’t stand up to An Lin’s attack and had to go all-in with Q♦5♠, An Lin called with Q♥7♠. No card arrived and An Lin won the final hand along with the Champion title. In this tournament users could enjoy watching An Lin’s game of great skill from the very beginning and until the end.


Congratulations, An Lin~~!!