This time Sunday Ultra Red tournament gathered 153 players to compete for the boosted prize pool of ₵1,224,000. When the final table started players’ stacks were quite similar that made the game in the beginning kind of loose. The action started when bearmart opened with 2♣2♥ from UTG. 14124425 with A♥K♣ 3-bet, bearmart pushed all in right away and got a snap call. Board 5♠Q♥K♠9♦K♦, showed a set of Kings for 14124425.


Maybe it was the atmosphere that influenced the next hand, when Porrela with a short stack and A♣J♣ went all in and was called by EXTERMINATE with J♦7♦. Board 3♠4♦A♦ gave EXTERMINATE flush draw, turn 2♣, and then unluckily for Porrela Q♦ came on the river to complete EXTERMINATE’s flush and eliminate Porrela. EXTERMINATE’s next opponent was 14124425 who open with A♦8♣ from CO.


Boomin and EXTERMINATE called. Board 4♥2♦K♥, the last two check, 14124425 1/3 bet, Boomin folded, EXTERMINATE called. Turn 3♠, EXTERMINATE checked again. EXTERMINATE’s stack was almost the same size of the pot, so 14124425 pushed all in trying to force his opponent to give up the pot. EXTERMINATE took his time to think and then called with 8♥8♦. Nice bluff catch and a huge pot for EXTERMINATE.

14124425 lost a lot of chips, but was still alive. However, he had to try something at some point to make a comeback. He push all in with Q♣T♦. Boomin called with A♥J♣. Unfortunately, it turned to be the last hand of 14124425 and he had to leave the table at the 5th place. Suddenly gipbgigv took the action, he eliminated ZRPMKOUJ at 4th place and few hands later Boomin at 3rd place.


So qipbgigv and EXTERMINATE entered heads-up and the battle between the two loose players continued. Qipbgigv got A♠K♣. EXTREMINATE was dealt 8♣9♦ and he decided to see the flop. 8♦4♥3♦ fell on the board, giving EXTERMINATE a big advantage. However, qipbgigv pushed all in, and got an easy call. Turn and river showed 7♠6♥, and the pot went to EXTERMINATE.


The situation went really bad for qpbgigv, he lost a lot of chips, so he had to go all in with K♠T♦, EXTERMINATE called with 5♠5♦. No card arrived for qpbgigv giving the win to EXTERMINATE together with ₵318,240.




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