Brand New VIP Rewards

Get up to 20,000 per level!!

J88 VIP Reward system consists of 88 levels total, they are subdivided into 7 sections: White, Yellow, Green, Blue, Red, Black and Gold. Each of them has a different VIP point requirements as well as rewards.


How it works:

  1.     When you register you start from level “White 1”.

2.     To level up and get a reward you need to obtain a certain amount of VIP points by playing ring-games, SNG or tournaments (check the “Level Up Chart” below). For example, to go from “White 1” to “White 2” and receive the first ₵60 reward, you need to accumulated 600 VIP points. The level-up requirements for “White” are the same until you reach level “Yellow 1”.

  1.     “Gold” is the highest level and it is divided into 3 types with different requirements (check the “Level Up Chart” below). Once you receive “Gold 28” – Master Level, you will continue getting ₵20,000 every time you obtain 40,000 VIP points.
  2.     Each month you need to level up at least once in order to maintain your level. For example, you’ve started your month from level “Blue 5”, then you need to obtain 5,000 VIP points not to drop down (check the table below). If you fail, then on the first day of the next month your level will go down from “Blue 5” to “Blue 1”. However, if you started this month with level “Blue 1” and failed to level up, you will go down to level “Green 1”.

How to receive a reward:

  1.     Once you meet the conditions, the special button “VIP Reward” next to your profile will be activated.
  2.     Press on “VIP Reward” and your reward will be added to your crystals.
  3.     It is fine if you forget about your reward, you will not lose! You can receive it any time. Just click on the button “VIP Reward” and there will be a list of all the rewards that you missed along with the option to receive them.


Get up to 50% Rakeback!


VIP Level System

  1. J88Poker’s VIP Level system is composed of 7 stages.
  2. Higher the user’s level, higher the rakeback percentage the user can get.
  3. In case of the Gold Level, level 7, rakeback percentage increases to 50%.
  4. J88poker pays you up to 50% of your rake back directly into your account as GP when each hand is over.
  5. VIP point progress resets to ‘0’ on the 1st day of each month. Users can accumulate points month by month.


Level Up Detail

  1. When you reach each new level, the VIP Points will return to ‘0’.
  2. VIP Level Up requirement
    • Need to accumulate enough VIP Points to reach next level in the specific month.
  3. Maintaining VIP Level requirement
    • Need to accumulate enough VIP Points to maintain current level in the specific month.
  4. Backward step of VIP Level (1-level down)
    • Happens when fail to accumulate enough VIP Points to maintain current level in the specific month.