What APT means to me

Justin Shin

I’m here in Manila to participate in APT.

It is the same tournament where my friend, who I was coaching at the time, won a trophy in the main event in September last year.

I started coaching him since July 2016. During the two months of coaching, he and I analyzed hands together whenever we had time, talked a lot, and argued sometimes… I was actually getting ready for another poker tournament in Macau, and I heard him go to the final table. So, I bought plane ticket right away and came to Manila. I still remember staying up all through the night planning strategies for the final table.

Eventually, he won the game and we embraced each other passionately with an overflowing joy.

This particular event means so much to me that it gave me the joy of coaching and lifting a winning trophy together. Also, APT in general is very special to me since I won my second winning trophy after my first winning at The Metro.

And now, I got on a plane for the same event my student won last year. With his escort.!

Sadly, I just lost several coin flips and got eliminated at the opening event…. But! I still have many events to go. So, I will do my best to give you good news!

Jae Wook Justin Shin APT