What type of person you are?

When you sit on a poker table against other 8 players, the most important thing is to quickly observe their types and characters such as their hand ranges, betting styles, emotions, actions and so on. I will describe some types of players today, so let’s see what type you are.

First type is “Fish.” If you meet this type of player, you should feel happy. First of all, their hand range is quite wide, and they like to call, but never bet or raise after flop. If at least one of their card matches the community cards, they will only call. I am sure that they will lose if you have good hands. Of course you cannot bluff this type of player because they will never fold as long as they have decent hands.

The next one is the “weak player”. This kind of players are very afraid of losing. So the hand range is relatively small and they can only play a few hands. So, you must use good hands to match with them. If you face complicated situation after flop, it is a good timing to bluff them, in order to reduce their losses, they bet very small.

Then is the “extreme player”, this type of player is the young players who just learned poker, sometimes they feel good and feel cool when deceiving their opponents. So, they may be seen in a negative light. They constantly bluff without any reading ability that they cannot stop which led them to going into a vicious circle, and finally, the bankruptcy.

Then there are people who like calling and betting and the pool rates of these two types of players are very high. The “calling-type” player will call all types of hands, even when they are unable to determine whether they lead or not. They will still choose to call and never cheat. So, when you get big hands, you can obtain some value out of such players. Players who love raising will always raise regardless of whether he/she has a relationship with any community cards, no matter how many players there are. He/she will always bet as long as others keep playing.

The last type is “Shark”, this is the toughest player to deal with and the one who people do not want to meet on the table consequently. Not only do sharks know what the correct hands are, they also know every player well. They even know if they are behind or ahead and good at courting bottom pool ratio. So, try to avoid play with shark-players.