♠♣ User youwillnever from South Korea earns the title of weekly biggest tournament! ♥♦

Last week biggest tournament, Ultra Red enrolled 154 entries that boosted the prize pool over the guarantee. The first big hand started when asitatoUU went all-in. HarleKing, who was sitting next to him re-raised pushing all his chips to the pot, youwillnever called making it a 3 way all-in pot. AsitatoUU A♣4♥, HarleKing A♠7♠, youwillnever A♥8♠. Youwillnever was leading from the very beginning and until the end, taking the first huge pot. Youwillnever’s good run didn’t end here. Shortly after, Isholas opened, asitatoUU called, youwillnever re-raised with A♥K♦, both players called, making one more 3-way pot. Board 4♦3♦8♣T♦7♦ helped youwillnever to complete K-Flush and grab another big pot that finally made him the overwhelming chip leader. Since then, he led the table with his aggressive play, until there was only one opponent left – yukarrid75. Heads-up started. Yukarrid75 was playing very tight and mostly just folding until youwillnever pushed all-in with 4♠5♠. Yukarrid75 made a nice call, but youwillnever got 4♥ on the flop. However, that wasn’t the end of the story, yukarrid75 continued playing tight and managed to restore some chips.

And then the final hand…


Youwillnever opened with A♣Q♦, yukarrid75 called with T♥T♦. Flop 4♣6♥4♥, yukarrid75 checked, youwillnever bet, yukarrid75 called, 2♣ fell on the turn.

Yukarrid75 checked again, youwillnever pushed all-in. Yukarrid75 waited a bit and then called. Even though he played this hand well, A♦ on the river decided the game.


Youwillnever won the title of the Ultra Red tournament!