♠♣ Taiwan bitalbosterR claims the Champion title ♥♦

Last Sunday the Ultra Red tournament saw 163 entries, which is higher than usual. So the prize pool went over the guarantee up to ₵1,304,000! The first big pot started with entyaos who pushed all-in from UTG with 7♣7♦, and got a call from bitalbosterR at HJ with A♥J♦. Thanks to A♣ on the flop, bitalbosterR took the pot. Since then, everybody became rather tight, until finally all short-stack players were eliminated and 4 players were left at the table. Pertionan went all-in on pre-flop, only bitalboster dared call.


Pertionan had K♠8♥ and bitalbosterR A♦Q♣, board 5♣J♣5♦3♣2♥ and bitalboster won the pot with A high. Since then, BitalbosterR continued taking control over the table until his last hand A♣9♣ brought him a win in the final heads-up against beniookae as well as the champion title.