Winter in Prague


Right after I was done with the Macau live tournaments, I headed to Prague with my winter clothes.

I was exhausted by 11-hour long flight, but beautiful Czech streets made me forget all the fatigue and cold that I spent the whole day walking around and drank famous Kozel beer.

It was a sweet two-day break before the competition. I met with ElkY who lives in Prague, went to a hamburger place and enjoyed amazing night view in the penthouse.

Personally, it was the hardest tournament in my history that I got bad beats the most.

I mean… good run comes and goes, and I have experienced so many bad beats, but didn’t have this bad tournament before that I was under a lot of stress for the whole time during the tournament period.

Well, 2017 almost ends, so I will just forget about it and get ready for the New Year!

Can’t wait, 2018!