I participated in the WPT and APT at the Pro Poker Club in Vietnam from September to October.


Let me introduce you to my memorable hand of WPT Main Event Day1.


I was in CO position and my hand was ‘AQ’.

I open shove 16BB and Button called.

My opponent got ‘pocket 9s’.


Flop ‘KJJ♣’

The flop was so good but the turn was ‘9’. I was eliminated from the Main Event.


There are several memorable hands in WPT High Roller Event.


In the end of the Day1, the blinds was 2000/4000 and I had about 300,000 chips.


The player in the middle position was the chip leader and he opened 8,000.

Alex Lee who was in CO position did 3-bet 22,000.

I was in BB and my hand was ‘Pocket Ks’!


I did 4-bet 65,000, MP Position did all-in, CO folded, and I called.

My ‘KK’ won MP Position’s ‘AK’ and I became the chip leader.


At the final level, Yen Han Chen open shove 15bb in small blind. I got ‘A9’ in big blind and called.

My ‘A9’ lost opponent’s ‘KJ’ and I advanced Day2 with 450,000 chips.


In Day2, I got ‘QT’ in MP Position.

I open raised and BB called.


Flop‘Q 8 5’

BB did Bet, I called.


Turn ‘7’

BB checked, I bet, BB Check-called.



BB donkbet,I called.


I became the short stacks after my ‘QT’ lost opponent’s ‘64’.


A few hands later I met the same opponent again.


CO opened, I got ‘K9’ in BB and shove 6bb , CO called.


The board was ‘4 6 7 5 3’.

My ‘K9’ lost opponent’s ‘Q8’ and I was eliminated from this event.


When I re-entried Main Event of APT, blind was 600/1200.

UTG Limped, MP raised 5600, SB called.

I got ‘A5s’ in BB called and UTG called.  


Flop ‘755’.

All checked, MP did c-bet 12,000, SB folded, I went all-in 50,000 and UTG tank called, MP tank folded and showed his ‘JJ’.


UTG got ‘76’!!!

But the turn was ‘7’. GG.


During these tournaments, my grades were not good, but I was so happy that I won first prize at the Team event of WPT with CEO of my company, J88!


See you guys in J88 Poker Tour in Taiwan!!