Image Source: PokerPro

2017 WSOP CHINA’s 9-day competition is over. Lots of famous poker players from all over the world came to attend. But this event became a kind of sad episode for me.

The structure of the main event was well organized, the blind up time was every 2-hour, and the starting chip was 50,000. I entered day 2 with 100,000 chips. However, during day 2, my chips dropped to 20,000. I was not that worry about it because of the slow blind up. I believed that I could still wait for my chance, and finally I entered day 3 with 400,000 chips.

Day 3 was very important. Only 120 people could get prize. When there were 160 people left, one of my bad decisions ended my step. I will share the hand with you.

Blind 2,000/4,000 ante 500, I was in hj AA, opened 9,500, small blind called, big blind called, flop♣T♣K♦5, small blind and big blind checked. I bet 11,000, small blind three bet 27,000, big blind folded, I called, turn was ♥4. Small blind raised 55,000, I called. River was ♥, small blind went all in, but I only had 160,000. I thought I might lose to set 5 and TK, and I guessed he might be bluffing because he had deep chips and did not give a good impression to me. But I really wanted this pot.! He showed his cards, and TK were smiling at me. So, my WSOP CHINA ended like that. I discussed this hand with many other poker players. Some said there was no problem, and some said I shouldn’t have done it because we only have one life in the game.

I am going to adjust my mood and get ready to attend YNPT which will be held in beautiful Yunnan province China. I got 11th place last year there and failed to enter FT. I hope I can make it this time.

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