YNPT Caiyun Cup

YNPT Caiyun Cup finally ended. I got 17th place in the main event. I wanted to break last year’s record of 11th place and reach the final table this time, but sadly failed. The whole process was very difficult, day 1 went well and I entered day 2 as 3rd place.


Day 2 was like taking a roller coaster ride. I had almost 3 times of average chips, but then after entering in the money, I only had like 10,000 chips which is equivalent to 1.5 times of the bb. But I didn’t give up. After continuous double-ups, I had 40 thousand chips in front of me miraculously, and entered day 3 with other 26 players.


I was not that lucky in day 3 though. After going ♣AJ all in, I failed to 44, which left me 11bb only. I got ♣AJ again, and the opponent had QQ. Flop was ♣9♣10♥8. That’s poker. I tried my best, and there is no regret as long as there is no mistake!


Happy New Year! I wish your health! Our J88 Poker will also bring you more surprises!