After Macau Millions

Macau Millions was the most hurtful competition I’ve ever joined. I hadn’t made any mistakes but lost by a bad beat. I know that professional poker players should not be disappointed in this kind of situation, but I was frustrated, and cried for the first time at the live event.

The main event of Macau Millions had no limit for re-entry. It was the first hand I played.


Flop: 3♦2♦5♠

My Hand: 4♣6♣

Opponent 1: 3♠3♥

Opponent 2: 4♦7♦

3 players all went all-in

Turn: A♠

River: Q♦

I made a straight, but lost by a flush losing many of my chips. Then I also had an AT<KJ situation. What a bad beat!


I made re-entry the next day. Blind was 2,000/4,000, ante was 4,000, and starting chip was 100,000. There were lots of popular pro players from various countries, so I did my best not to make any mistakes and made my chips up to 400,000. 28 players left, and the bubble time started.

Blind 6,000/12,000 ante 12,000, I was in the big blind. Middle position opened 40,000. Small blind player was a famous player, JiuTiao, whose hand range is quite wide. He 3 bet 120,000. He had lots of chips, so I was sure that he was trying to make other players fold in the bubble time.

I had QQ, so I went all-in. Middle position folded, and JiuTiao hesitated for a while, and called. He had K8, and players around there gathered to our table. I had 3 outs. I watched River opened only to be disappointed. I lost it. It was not a mistake, just luck was not mine.


I don’t know if people can understand my feelings. But it was inevitable to lose to a fate when I didn’t make any mistake, and therefore I don’t have any regrets. I’m going to comfort myself and get ready for the next event, the APT!


JinTian had a photo shoot just before Macau Millions!