Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! It’s been a long time since I shared with you about the offline tournament.

The last big Tournament in 2018, which took place in was the ‘Jeju Red Dragon Cup’, I won the 31st place of ‘Baby Dragon’ and the 8th place of ‘High Rollers’.

That was my perfect ending of 2018!

I want to share a memorable hand in the tournament.


It was a hand from ‘Baby Dragon Day2’ at the first Level.

The blinds was ‘600/1200’, I got ‘♠️10♠️J’ in MP position.


In the pre-flop, UTG called the BB. I called, too.

BTN raised 6000, UTG and I both called.


Flop‘7, 9, K’(Rainbow)

UTG and I checked, BTN c-bet 18000, UTG and I both called again.

I thought that there was a high possibility that the opponent’s hand could be pocket pair or ‘AK’. If I hit the straight, this hand could be a big value for me.


Turn ‘♦️5’

I all-in and BTN snap called and UTG folded. BTN had 77. He made the set.

I was lucky enough to win this important big pot when the ‘8’ was dealt on the river.

Let’s talk about the high roller, too.


The ‘High rollers’ was unlimited re-entries, so many players played aggressively from the beginning of the tournament.

I was so lucky that I only had once buy-in. My chips were also relatively stable until the bubble.


But it was when my “pocket 8” lost to my opponent’s “AQ” and there were only a few bb left.


At this time, there was a very lucky player on the next table and he also was the chip leader.

There were several short-stack players on that table.

I went to in the money smoothly when he dropped two players from the hand which three players joined the pot.


However, I did not get good hands since then and bust out in 8th place. But I am very satisfied with my performance in tournament with many high roller masters.


Happy New Year and I hope you guys can win a lot of champions at J88Poker!